East Winds District Conference 2021

Migration: “Rebuilding our nests as we bless a new world”

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November 6, 2021 | 9:00am - 12:00pm

Migration: “Rebuilding our nests as we bless a new world”
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About this Conference

The East Winds District Conference is going to be worth your Saturday morning, November 6, 2021 from 9:00 to noon. The same as last year, you will not need to get up early to drive to a church, miles away. Turn-on your computer or tablet or phone and join by Zoom Webinar. Thanks to Collen Godfrey, our leader and his crew, this will be a quality broadcast.

The morning will begin with our community gathered for worship with participants from across the district leading our praise. Rev. Paul Perez, Michigan Conference Director of Connectional Ministry, will be our preacher. Paul moved into this role after the impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic had disrupted the way things used to be and sent us all into disruption and innovation. His steady hand and vision for the future have been consistent gifts he has brought our Conference as this Connection adjusted to serve Christ and our 730 churches in a desperate world.

The worship service will culminate with Paul’s sermon in which he will discuss God’s call for us to be transformed as we “rebuild our nests and bless the world” as we migrate back to the rhythms of life. This will lead us into a district-wide panel discussion. Paul and a few others will respond to your questions as the discussion continues. The last segment of the morning will include concise business meeting in which we will hear reports of East Winds District ministry and make our essential, annual decisions.

District Conference Offering

The District Conference Offering has been designated for the support of the East Winds District Mission to Puerto Rico. Our ministry in the Hurricane Recovery effort will resume as we send an 8-person team to engage in construction work to repair houses which are still damaged and unlivable after the 2017 Category 5 hurricanes that savaged the Island. Costs for travel, room and board, and building materials have significantly increased; and the support received from district churches will provide needed help to offset personal costs.

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From Rev. Hice

This will be a valuable holy conference for both clergy and 10 laity from each church, offering an excellent opportunity for our district clergy to learn together; and it will provide poignant considerations for discussion with your church laity as you continue your migration to this 'brave new world.'

Please look for district conference directions and registration material in the coming days and take part! I am eager to share this gift with you. Anyone who is not registered may tune in by Facebook livestream.

Carpe diem (Seize the day)!
Rev. John H. Hice
East Winds District Superintendent